Kalanag Trek Expedition – Renok Adventures

The Kalanag or the black peak has been named so because it resembles the hood of a cobra. It is a major peak in the Banderpponch maountain range of the Garwal region of the Himalayas. It is surrounded by the yellow tooth peak and the Don’s peak on its left and the White peak or the Banderpoonch on its right. The swargarohini massif is right opposite to it. Therefore it is not hard to imagine the spell bounding views this peak has to offer.

It is elevated at a height of 6837 metres above the sea level and is considered to be a difficult peak to climb and should be done in the guidance of an experienced instructor or leader.

From the southern side, the peak is easy to approach as it has a very gradual slope but from the Northern side the slope becomes extremely slope and almost vertical at some places.

The north-western side is considered to be the most thrilling yet attainable side to climb this majestic peak. It’s not a very easy route but offers enough challenged to feed the adventure junkie in you.

The peak was first summited in the year 1995 by JMT Gibson who was an English teacher at the Doon school in Dehradun.

The best months to visit the peak are May, June, September and October. These months offer the traveller a huge number of mesmerising sites of the lush green meadows covered in a number of colourful flowers with a gorgeous view of the glistening snow clad peaks in the background.