Weather Conditions Of Dehradun

The climate of Dehradun is moderate because of its area at the foot of the Himalayas. The atmosphere of Dehradun is the same starting a north Indian city i.e, cool winters, warm summers, blustery rainstorm and a moderate spring.

The atmosphere of Dehradun is damp mainland, in spite of the fact that it fluctuates from tropical: from hot in summers to extremely chilly, contingent on the season and the height. The close-by bumpy locales frequently get snowfall amid winter.


Despite the fact that the temperature in Dehradun can reach beneath solidifying amid extreme chilly snaps, this is not normal. Summer temperatures can reach up to 44 °C for a couple of days and hot wind brought Loo blows over North India, though winter temperatures are more often than not somewhere around 1 and 20 °C and mist is entirely regular in winters like fields. Amid the rainstorm season, there is regularly overwhelming and extended precipitation. Dehradun and different fields ranges of Uttarakhand see just about as much precipitation as beach front Maharashtra and more than Assam. Farming advantages from ripe alluvial soil, sufficient seepage and abundant rain.Mountain regions are additionally utilized for horticulture. Dehradun is known universally for its assortment of Basmati rice and Lychees.


The atmosphere of Dehradun additionally relies on the height, the all the more high you go, the more cool you will feel. Summer temperatures don’t go too high however in winter, the temperature here and there tumbles down beneath the point of solidification. Amid the summers, the temperature ranges somewhere around 36°C and 16.7°C. In winters, the temperature lies in the middle of 23.4°C and 5.2°C.


The other noteworthy part of the atmosphere of Dehradun is the rainstorm. Dehradun gets a normal precipitation of 2073.3mm every year. Dehradun gets the precipitation in the middle of June and September. Despite the fact that in December and January it gets winter precipitation. Be that as it may, the most extreme precipitation is recorded in the middle of July and Aug.

Summer season :Summers have a greatest temperature of 36 °C and at least 17 °C. A large portion of the travelers lean toward this period for going to Dehradun.


Rainstorm or Rainy season : Monsoon offer mellow to medium precipitation amid which period the destination looks more alluring.

Winter season : Winter season have a greatest of 29 °C and at least around 6 °C.

What to wear : Cotton garments can be conveyed while going by amid summer. Profound woolen can be conveyed for winter